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´╗┐Fort pitcher plays at 2012 World Cup "This is, all around, a great experience," she said of making the world's tournament. "I get to play for home crowds. It's what I've been working for all my baseball playing life. "This is it." While Sliwkanich has been with Team Canada twice before, she earned her spot with the team after she pitched a no hitter atat cheap authentic nfl jerseys from china nationals. "That was pretty amazing," she said of the achievement. "I didn't know until after the game. "That is something every pitcher strives to do. I have to thank my defence for helping me out. There were some good plays." While she knew the game was a shut out, Sliwkanich credited the rest of her team for the 13 0 win. "The offence was behind me. There was no stress on the mound. It was a great team game." Sliwkanich admitted she thought that performance likely clinched her the spot with Team Canada after she had a less positive showing with the team in Cuba last month. "That was not a great performance," she said. Looking at the World Cup, Sliwkanich felt Team Canada had a chance at going all the way, thanks to a solid lineup on the field. "We have a strong defensive lineup," she said. "What more cancan cheap authentic jerseys free shipping I ask for?" She said while the competition will be fierce, the quick outfield should help keep scores in check. "We're facing tough hitters. They're definitely gonna pick it up," she said. "It's good to have that confidence in your defence." While Sliwkanich wasn't on Canada's 2010 World Cup team, she has some experience with international teams, having played in a US tourney last year, the Cuba tournament earlier this year, and an exhibition game against Japan in 2009. "You get to see different playing and coaching styles," she said. "It's kind of surreal." She explained the Japanese team is very technical, with everything precise down to the small details. "We have to have a certain approach," she said. "We play a more mental game." She said if the Canadian team can force mistakes in the Japanese details, "They fall apart. "We're gonna try to rattle them." By contrast, she said Cuba and Venezuela are both aggressive teams, so Canada will use a different strategy against them. "I'm most looking forward to beating Japan and the USA," she said. "Those will be the toughest games. "The US has a great women's baseball program. They do well through all the levels, so they have a fair amount of depth. "Japan is just a top team," she added, noting they won the most recent World Cup, in 2010. That said, she added none of the gamesgames wholesale NFL jerseys cheap would be easy. "I'm really excited," she said. Although she's good both at bat and on third base, Sliwkanich said she'd be a pitcher exclusively for the big tourney although she wasn't yet sure which games she'd be pitching. The 2012 Women's Baseball World Cup takes place primarily at Edmonton's Telus Field,Field, cheap nfl jerseys for sale where the tournament will see round robin games from Aug. 10 17 before the finals on Aug. 18 and 19.